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GTSilver alerts management software

G-Track is a distributed application that picks up alerts on territory and follow them until problem resolution.

Data input can be done in two ways: using mobile device with GPS and through internet browser, if you are using your handheld with GTMobile you can also collect coordinates and pictures of the alert, while if you use the program via the web you have the possibility to type the address, some descriptive notes and the name of the operator who collects the alert.

The main feature of the program is georeferencing capabilities, in fact weter you input alerts with mobile device or via browser, you will always have coordinates of the point attached. To acheive that result Bing Maps is a key component of the system, because it allows you to retreive coordinates from address and the other way around, giving the opportunity to locate the point on the map.

This feature is also important if for instance with mobile device it is impossible to read the GPS coordinates (e.g. narrow alleys, weather very cloudy or trees) in that case the report will be associated with an address manually using the palm keyboard, that address (as in the case of entering data via GTSilver) will be trasformed in coordinates from the system producing identical result, i.e. whatever is the input system you will have both address that coordinates.

Once inserted, the alerts will be immediately visible to managers, which will assign to the institution or firm for repair. Once a case is assigned to an entity, all users belonging to it will be able carry out the repair work and mark as executed (or reject it if not feasible), including a short report. If you need to make multiple posts, managers can send them to multiple entities (even simultaneously) until all the works are completed, at which point the alert will be marked as closed and no longer editable.

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