1. Software details
  2. First setup and config
  3. Basic archives insertion
  4. Bill of materials
  5. Customers orders
  6. Process orders and calculate materials
  7. Generate supplier orders
  8. Supplier Orders
  9. Load from supplier
  10. Processing tickets
  11. Process start and component assignment
  12. Return tickets from process
  13. Process control
  14. Sell wizard
  15. Shipping notes
  16. Packing list
  17. Invoicing
  18. Buy download
  19. Privacy policy
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SeasonRP Privacy Policy

All data entered in SeasonERP will be stored in a database on customer premises, nothing will be collected by Al-Tek or others, it is customer's responsiblity to keep them safe and secured.

To the extent permitted by law, Al-Tek is raised by any responsibility for any personal injury or for any damage, direct or indirect and of any kind and species, including, without limitations, incidental damage, loss of data, interruption of the activity or other damages or losses of profit, consequent or otherwise connected with the use or impossibility of using the SearonRP software, independently of their cause and of the source of liability (contract, illicit act, or other ), even in the event that al-tek was warned by the possibility of such damages.