1. Software details
  2. First setup and config
  3. Basic archives insertion
  4. Bill of materials
  5. Customers orders
  6. Process orders and calculate materials
  7. Generate supplier orders
  8. Supplier Orders
  9. Load from supplier
  10. Processing tickets
  11. Process start and component assignment
  12. Return tickets from process
  13. Process control
  14. Sell wizard
  15. Shipping notes
  16. Packing list
  17. Invoicing
  18. Buy download
  19. Privacy policy
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SeasonRP configuration form

To open config form press the "settings" button at the bottom of the page

ERP shoes config footwear manufacturing


The first time you open SeasonRP go to this form and press "Install archives", select an empty directory and wait all the files are copied, then use "Data path" button to select the newly created folder, once is done press "Save" exit the program and open it again.

If you want to share the archives with other computers select a shared folder and repeat this operation (select data path) for all the clients.

IMPORTANT: use this forlder to backup data regulairly

after the database is in place you can customize your company layout:

  1. fill company address, short , this will appear in Invoices and transport documents
  2. fill company address, long version, this will appear in Invoices and transport documents
  3. Note: this will be on default note on bill of materials
  4. Supplier note: this will be on default supplier order
  5. Finslly use the Logo button to customize all reports logo