ATReport : interactive reports and charts from database

ATReport is an easy to use reporting tool that can extract data from any OLEDB database producing reports and charts on the fly. Thanks to its intuitive tree representation of the database the end user can navigate large amount of data and obtain a detailed view of the desired subset in seconds, for this reason is particulary suited for all the application that need a quick easy to use reporting tool.


Main features:
  • OLEDB connection to any database including SQL Server, Foxpro, Access, DBase etc.
  • Fast data retriveal.
  • Reports on the fly, click on the tree branch and produce relative report or chart.
  • Custom reports, including detailed, syntetic and "tree style".
  • Custom charts of single and multiple selections to compare.
  • Export charts as image.
  • Copy table data to the clipboard, paste to excel or others.

ATReport reports and charts 


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