NCell : Description

This program is a simple spreadsheet designed for maximum speed and ease of use, unlike all other spreadsheet you do not have to deal with formulas so it can be used also by people that are not expert in spreadsheet. With this program you can do many of the monitoring task of a company, for instance you can enter the data of the expanses and income than automatically calculate the totals of the single group of expanses, viewing the data and graphics, or you can easily change the order of those voices and group them in a different way, insert the voices of expanses for a certain product and calculate the sell price and many other things, (for further details see the examples). The main features of this program are speed and ease of use, thanks to the standard commands like CUT, COPY and PASTE you can quickly move many rows within a table or between two very easily, than changing the row format is just a matter of pressing a button on the toolbar or a key on the keyboard, and when ready to print you can preview the output on the screen with print preview. Even if very simple to use this program has its own power an level of customization, you can show graphic output and customize every part of it like font, color, type of row, and if you want also a background image.


MAIN features
  • No formulas architecture
  • Reclassify rows from other documents
  • Import from file
  • Print print-preview
  • Cut, copy paste rows
  • Customizable styes and colors








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