TREESHARP reports and charts from database

TreeSharp is designed to connect databases like SQL Server, Access, FoxPro ets... and produce reports and charts interactively using a tree control, for that reason can be considered as a backing program for every application that need an analysis tool easy to use and intuitive.

the strenght of TreeSharp is its simple interface and the ease of use, thanks to those features the end user can get result in a few clicks without any knowledge of reporting.

treesharp charts and stats

Main features:
  • OLEDB connection to almost any database including SQL Server, Foxpro, Access, DBase etc.
  • Fast data retrival
  • Custom reports, including detailed, syntetic and "tree style" reports on the fly.
  • Custom charts of single and multiple selections to compare.


TreeSharp Express TreeSharp Standard
Simple reports Tresharp reports and charts Tresharp reports and charts
Charts Tresharp charts Tresharp reports and charts
Tree control Tresharp tree control for report Tresharp reports and charts
Print / preview Tresharp reports print Tresharp print report
Optimized for large databases (slower) TreeSharp reports navigation
Copy to clipboard TreeSharp copy to clipboard
Export html TreeSharp reports export html
Export xml TreeSharp reports export xml
Price FREE 39 USD


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