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The "Lavoranti" add-on module provides an immediate overview of ongoing production processes. Thanks to its modern interface, it can be used whenever desired to obtain instant answers regarding production issues, materials, or workers, making it a fundamental analysis tool. It encompasses many features, but undoubtedly the most important one is the "work bubble view." This option allows for an immediate perception of the ongoing work, and through the countless filtering possibilities, it is possible to search and print both the current production and historical data in the desired format. Regarding the bubble view, it is worth noting the precise line selection. It is possible to extract desired data based on parameters such as article, collection, worker, and any combination thereof. Moreover, if that is not enough, it is possible to select bubbles individually or in groups using the mouse. For example, combining article 100 and article 200 into a single printout (conventional programs generally allow printing as described, but on separate reports). ERP Footwear Factory: Lavoranti Module


ERP calzaturificio : modulo Lavoranti


Example of a seasonal situation report.


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