Program development and consulting in .NET, C++, C#, Blazor, Silverlight, Foxpro, SQL


Software development and consulting using modern tecnologies and languages like .NET, Blazor, Silverlight, Visual Foxpro, C#, ASP.NET, ASP mobile WebServices, WCF, WPF, SQL Server, C/C++ Windows server


Our program provides comprehensive management and organization of all essential aspects of a shoe company's operations, including Bill of Materials, Customer Orders, Inventory Management for both retail stores and supplier warehouses, Supplier Orders, Invoicing, and Packing Lists. With our software, shoe companies can efficiently streamline their business processes and stay on top of their daily operations.


My Stock advisor is an analytical tool designed to help both professional trader and personal investors in long term trading, thanks to its complex algorithm it is able to detect market signals transforming them in gain opportunities..

Order collector is a web based application that can be used to collect shoes orders via internet improving the integration between selling network and manufacturer.

WebShop is an example of distributed application, that can be used to collect online orders. The core of the application is a database where are stored data regarding registered users products including description+picture and the orders with relative status


This is the .NET version of Atreport and like the other can be used with any database accessible via OLEDB producing reports and graphs.

This program is a simple spreadsheet designed for maximum speed and ease of use, unlike all other spreadsheet you do not have to deal with formulas so it can be used also by people that are not expert in spreadsheet


Geobooking is a georeferenced multi-squad booking system, particularly useful forall companies that need to take appointments on territory

GeoBooking, Silverlight application

SilverInc is a Silverlight application that allows you to view geographic points on a map (in this case accidents occurred in the city of Florence year 2006).

SilverInc, Silverlight maps on web 

G-Track is a distributed application that allows you to acquire and track geographic points via GPS enabled smartphone and follow the work stage of every point.
The system includes:

  • The smartphone program, used to phisically acquire points via GPS.
  • The desktop program that manage the geographic data, creating list and maps for intervention and keeping track of the work in progress.
  • The internet database server that keep synchronized all the clients (mobile and desktop).
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