This is the latest version and has many advantages over G-Track full like simple setup process and simplifyed user interface making GTSilver particulerly useful for big organizations and allowing easy learning even by less experienced users.

Like the other versions GTSilver provides a PC program (silverlight) and a program for handheld devices, below you'll find a brief description of the product, for more details go to Istruzioni di funzionamento GTSilver (only in italian for now sorry).


Mobile G-Track

Main features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Shoot multiple photos of spot.
  • GPS Locator for a fast point positioning.
  • Associate date, time, text, code, coordinates and address (via pc)


G-Server Light

GTSilver is the desktop program that allows the system to track all problems to be fix, including location on map, eventual pictures, date time of problem reporting and all the history of intervention up to the problem solving.

GTSilver gps road maintenance



Username = admin, Password = 123

For further informations: Istruzioni di funzionamento GTSilver (only in italian for now sorry). or

English versionEnglish  italian versionItaliano

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