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Order collector is a web application designed to allow the shoe manufacturer to collect orders from multiple agent via web, providing agents customized price lists and password protected access so that they can place orders from customer location and avoid trasmission to the main company with big time saving.

Another advantage of the system is that the manufacturer does not need to send multiple price list to the agent and any price change as well as any style addition will be notifyed to all agents immediately without having to resend new brochure or price list to every agent.

Order collector is a 2 level system: Administrator and agent,

in this way the administrator (manufacturer) can give access to the various agents and deny when the contract is over. other things that can be done are, insert styles with pictures and up to 5 price lists and collect orders when confirmed.

The agent can accomplish the following tasks: insert new customer details, place orders, print order confirmations with photo, and print price lists with photo.

  • Administrator add styles to the new season including pictures and prices (up to 5 price per style).
  • Administrator create password protected agents account.
  • At this point both Administrator and Agents can print price list with pictures in pdf format from anywere in the world.
  • The agents can create new customer records and start placing orders via web, they will be immediately visible to the Administrator.
    When inserting new orders the Agent can select one of the 5 price list accordning company agreements, once the order is insert the agent can give the customer a printed order confirmation inclusive of pictures of the choosen styles, avoid taking pictures of choosen styles.
  • The Agent can still modify the order up to when it is marked as confirmed, from now on the order can be taken from the Administrator and it will not be possible to modify.

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